Objectives of the Project

  • To support low-skilled migrants in order to acquire the necessary hard and soft/intercultural skills and competencies so as to be able to access the ever demanding culinary sector
  • To assess migrants’ prior learning and determine a renewed skillset that corresponds to the existing demands of the Culinary Sector
  • To develop training programmes and materials targeted to the needs of migrants and their tutors.
  • To offer better career perspectives to migrants who work or wish to work in the Culinary Sector
  • To increase migrants’ employability in the Culinary Sector and streamline it through formal channels of employment, offering a higher protection level away from undeclared work.
  • To enhance migrants’ integration into EU societies through their inclusion into the labour market.

Project Activities

Delivery of a Prior-Learning Assessment Approach

The assessment of the existing skills of migrants and the Culinary Sector

Designing a Consolidated Education Scheme that Facilitates Integration of Culinary Arts and Immigrants

Migrants-oriented training materials (both printed and digital) to cover the needs and preferences of groups with or without advanced digital skills

Two-Stage Training Activities for Migrants

Tutors/trainers’ & migrants’ materials and programmes will be tested for their effectiveness and responsiveness towards migrant learners’ actual needs

Learning / Teaching / Training Activities

These short-term joint staff training activities will take place in Greece for tutors/trainers