Intellectual Output 2

Delivery of a Prior-Learning Assessment Approach

The assessment of the existing skills of migrants and the Culinary Sector

Intellectual Output 3

Designing a Consolidated Education Scheme that Facilitates Integration of Culinary Arts and Immigrants

Migrants-oriented training materials (both printed and digital) to cover the needs and preferences of groups with or without advanced digital skills

Tutorials Guide
Immigration Modules Videos

Cooking Cultures M1 Migrants

Cooking Cultures M2 Migrants

Cooking Cultures M3 Migrants

Cooking Cultures M4 Migrants

Cooking Cultures M5 Migrants

Immigration Modules
Tutorial Modules Videos

Cooking Cultures Module 1

Cooking Cultures Module 2

Cooking Cultures Module 3

Tutorial Modules

Intellectual Output 4

Two-Stage Training Activities for Migrants

Tutors/trainers’ & migrants’ materials and programmes will be tested for their effectiveness and responsiveness towards migrant learners’ actual needs